Provider Tips

Designed to ensure trust and safety every step of the way for your loved ones, Uncurb implements the highest industry standards to provide you with trusted service across our platform. 

Tips for creating a n eye-catching provider profile

A great provider profile can rank higher in search results, attract more customers, and receive more positive reviews. Below are five things you can do to help your profile stand out.

1) Fill out all fields – even the optional ones 

We know it’s a lot of work, but more details means Uncurb can match customers to you better, which means giving you ride requests you actually want. Your profile is also likely to be ranked higher than providers who don’t bother to provide the extra info. This means more customers will see you. The additional info also gives customers more confidence in your capabilities, leading to repeat bookings and less cancellations.

2)  Use a variety of photos.  

Photos can highlight your professionalism and show off your vehicles, while helping to set customer expectations. Try to show all the vehicle types you have and remember that interiors are important to the customer. Have uniforms? It’s a great way to remind a customer why you’re different. Also, documents such as certifications or cleaning protocols make great photos that create customer trust in your business. 

3)  Write a strong description of your business

While you can say a lot of things about your business, your description should include things that a customer cares about the most: being reliable and on time, professionally trained drivers, safety and cleanliness, experience working with different conditions, etc. Make sure your description talks about the value that you believe sets you apart, whether it’s new vehicles or reliable service. The first lines of your description will appear in the search results, so make those count!

4) Focus on the three highlights that really set you apart.  

Draw the customer in by having a solid short profile. This is what the customer will first see in the search results. selecting the three services that truly make you special is a great way to get more trips.

5) Manage your reviews.  

All of us read reviews to help us make decisions. Responding to both positive and negative reviews is a great way to show customers you are listening and that you care. Private messages that come to you give you a chance to help solve any issues before feedback is posted publicly. Your response to negative reviews will greatly affect how other customers see you. Uncurb recommends responding to negative reviews with a simple acknowledgment and offer to work on the issue offline.

Looking for more customers? Another way to increase your profile ranking is to join Uncurb’s pilot subscription program. Uncurb is piloting featured listings of providers for a small fee, plus additional benefits. Email us at if you’re interested.