Provider Frequently Asked Questions


Even if your service area doesn’t match Uncurb’s exactly,  you are able to review each trip request before accepting trips that may be outside your service area.  

During onboarding, you may add vehicles under the four primary vehicle types: sedan, SUV, small/minivan, full-size van and indicate what equipment each category has. 

If you have equipment that is not listed by Uncurb that you want to share with customers, please email us at 

Documentation helps quality providers like yourself gain the trust of customers faster. For any claims you want to make on your profile, you are required to upload the requested documentation and certify its authenticity. Uncurb may request further documentation if necessary. 

You can update your profile anytime when you have the documentation ready. You can also elect to skip the claims for which you do not want to provide documentation; if you do so, those claims will not appear on your profile. 

Some documents, such as insurance, are required for onboarding. You’ll see them under the “Prerequisites” section on the Documentations page.  

You can include any additional certifications or accreditations in the description of your business on your profile.  

Uncurb has multiple policies you can choose from, to fit your business. You can review and select these policies during onboarding.

Uncurb recognizes the following Federal Holidays as listed:

When entering your pricing, you may enter different pricing that apply to holidays and the customer will be quoted those rates for any trips that fall on those dates. 


Uncurb’s top priority is to match trustworthy customers with high-quality providers.  The number of trips you receive will be determined by market demand, your service offering, competition, and your pricing. As Uncurb grows, we hope to send you many trip requests each day that you can review before accepting. 

You will receive an email notifying you of a trip request. You can then accept or decline by logging into your dashboard to view trips that need your confirmation at the top of the page.  

No, Uncurb does not send same day or on-demand trip requests. If there is an urgent customer request, Uncurb will contact you via a call.  

You will be notified of any changes made to a trip , including cancellations, via email. You can then log into your trip dashboard to view the change.  

No. We strongly recommend that you ask the customer to cancel via the Uncurb platform. By having the customer cancel online, Uncurb retains clear documentation that can help support providers in the event of a dispute. 

Last minute cancellations and no-shows are subject to the policies you’ve selected as part of your profile. The customer will be charged accordingly.  

Trip requests that you receive will have the rider and caregiver’s contact info if provided. 

For any unexpected circumstances, please use the comments box during attesting to let us know what occurred, and if any extra fees were applied. Uncurb will contact you for further details if necessary. 


Go to your trips dashboard and click on the “Attestation.”There you can see all the trips that require attestation.  

You must attest to trips to receive payment.  

Customers are quoted an estimate during booking based on the pricing in your profile. If you would like to use that estimate as your actual charge, please click “Use Quote” to confirm the charge.  

If you have a different amount after the trip was completed, you should use the box for “Actual charge” to indicate the amount. 

If the amount you enter varies from the quote by more than 10% in either direction, you will be asked to provide a short explanation in the event of a customer question.  

No shows and cancellations with 24 hours are automatically charged based on the policies you’ve selected. Once you select the trip status as “No-Show” or “Canceled,when attesting, the amount will be charged automatically.  

Once a trip has occurred, you have 5 days to attest to the trip. If you have not attested after 5 days, the estimated quote is charged automatically, and the amount can no longer be changed. 

Uncurb will then hold the funds for a few days to ensure there aren’t any customer complaints, after which you will receive the payout of the quoted amount minus any standard Uncurb fees.  

A trip complaint means that a customer has a customer dissatisfaction issue about a specific trip and Uncurb is working with you and the customer to resolve it. Payments for trips under complaint are held until the complaint is resolved. 


You can see your reviews by going to your trip dashboard and clicking on “My Reviews”

You may respond to both positive and negative reviews by using the “Reply” button beneath the review. Please note that your reply will be shared publicly with customers who are viewing your profile.  

A private review to you usually means that the customer is providing feedback and have not shared it publicly on your profile. Depending on the feedback, you may choose to reply to the customer, though there is no requirement to do so.  

Fees & Payment

Uncurb charges 5% of the collected fare for bookings. These fees cover Uncurb’s costs to maintain the platform to connect you with customers, marketing costs, and credit card processing. In rare cases, there might be additional fees associated with refunds or lack of attestation.  

Uncurb uses Stripe to pay out to providers. As part of onboarding, Uncurb will ask for your bank information. Uncurb will deposit funds via ACH directly into your bank account. 

Unsurb uses Stripe to process payments. Stripe may hold charges for a period of time. Uncurb will pay providers as soon as the payment is released from Stripe, usually in about 2 weeks after a trip has been attested and charged.  

Uncurb will email the providers itemized payouts for trips. You can also log into your Provider Dashboard, from there you will be able to access “Payments” and see your past payouts and their details.  


You can update your profile anytime by logging into your account and clicking on “My Profile.”  If you are unable to edit the profile, please ask the admin of your account (person who set up the account) to grant you permissions to do so. 

You can add staff and manage their permissions by logging into your account and clicking on “Dispatchers”

For some tips on how to make your profile stand out, see “Provider Tips.”