Travel Safely With
Peace of Mind

Uncurb believes that high quality providers go above and beyond to maintain customer satisfaction, and also care for their employees. That is why Uncurb implements the highest marketplace standards to provide you with a trusted network of service partners across our platform. 

What makes a quality transportation provider? 

Many services may take shortcuts with respect to customer safety, particularly with insurance and lack of driver training. That’s why Uncurb vets the providers on your behalf – to ensure that they meet and exceed marketplace standards before they become part of Uncurb’s network. 

Providers are required to certify and/or submit documentation to Uncurb to ensure they meet our requirements and to substantiate claims on their profiles.

Driver Requirements

  • Maintain a current Driver’s License (required)
  • Be 21 years of age or older (required)
  • Have 2 years of driving experience with clean driving record (required)
  • Background Check (required)
    • Pass Federal Background Check
    • Pass County Criminal Checks
    • Undergo National Sex Offender check
    • Checked against Office of Foreign Assets Control Sanction (Terrorist) List (OFAC)  
  • CPR and First Aid Certification 
  • PASS Training (industry standard for wheelchair securement and lift operations)
  • HIPAA Training 

Vehicle Standards

  • Operate vehicles with working equipment
  • Maintain cleanliness of vehicle exterior and interior
  • Provide necessary supplies for drivers
  • Submit up-to-date maintenance records during onboarding
  • Provide photo evidence of sanitization and cleanliness procedures
  • Verify average fleet age

Business Policies

  • Proof of general liability insurance (required)
  • Proof of commercial auto insurance to protect drivers and passengers (required)
  • Adequate experience and training in supporting those with diverse needs
  • Professional drivers in company vehicles
  • Established driver training and passenger safety protocols 
  • Reference checks from customers where additional verification is needed

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