Letter from the Founders

Writing a letter on the internet is kind of like giving a wedding toast to a roomful of strangers. It’s intimate and personal and crazy scary. But here goes. Brad and I started Uncurb in January of 2020.  Both of us had left Ford Motor Company, where we had started a medical transportation business called GoRide Health that served rides in accessible vehicles to customers for over two years, before Ford discontinued the venture. Undaunted, we left our stable jobs behind to pursue our passion in mobility.

Then Covid-19 hit and we sat in our respective living rooms staring at our webcams. What now? We wondered. We had no income. Investors stopped returning our calls. The world pulled the rug from beneath our feet and from everyone else’s too.

But what we did have were pages and pages of customer stories. Families whose lives were thrust into uncertainty when a loved one could no longer drive, who didn’t know where to look. Wheelchair users who had been abandoned on the curb by ride hailing. Older adults who needed a little help but were often treated with impatience.  With these stories and a small group of loyal investors, we forged ahead.

What we learned from our customers was mobility is more than transportation. It’s about being respected. It’s about feeling like they have a choice in who they choose to travel with. It’s about not being treated like an inconvenience, and being empowered with the right information to make the best decision for themselves and for their family.

It’s about having a voice and not being spoken for.

We know that mobility – especially inclusive mobility – is complex and challenging. Having run a transportation business ourselves, we also know that high quality service comes with a price tag and affordability remains an issue. Government or insurance subsidized transportation can often sacrifice service for cost. 

We can’t solve all the problems that we know of on day one. But we are taking a first step. We built Uncurb to provide customers with choice and transparent information in their mobility options. We select and build relationships with high quality providers who are experienced, trained, and caring, and connect them to those looking for a higher level of service. We make sure that the people involved in working with us, be it customers, providers, or partners, are committed to supporting mobility for all individuals.  And this couldn’t happen without the support from others.  Thank you to all of our investors, friends, and family who have helped in founding Uncurb.

Brad and I are fortunate to be able to work on something that we love – a product designed with our family members in mind. Uncurb was created during the most trying times and built with heart. It’s not perfect, and we have a long way to go, but we started and will keep going, as we know our customers will, too. 


Minyang and Brad

Founders of Uncurb