Grow your business
with Uncurb!

Before starting Uncurb, our team ran a transportation company. We know all too well the costs and challenges of running a fleet. That’s why we designed Uncurb to support high-quality transportation providers like you.  Join Uncurb to start enjoying these benefits:

Find new
private pay customers

Customer acquisition can be expensive and time-consuming. Uncurb does the marketing to attract new private pay customers.

Show customers what
sets you apart

Uncurb lets you create a rich profile, so customers can see how you go above and beyond.

Your pricing,
your policies

Tired of reduced rates that barely cover your costs? Set your own rates so you can focus on delivering great service.

Save on operating costs

Uncurb sends you trip requests with the necessary information, so you can reduce calls to focus on what’s going on in the field.

Faster Payment

It’s your money...
get it faster with Uncurb!

No on-demand trips

Increase your utilization with pre-scheduled trips that you can plan for.

Risk free to try!

It is totally free to sign up on Uncurb. Our fees are minimal,
you don’t pay anything until a customer takes a trip with you. Start by applying today!  

Easily reach new private pay customers

In addition to medical appointments, Uncurb brings you customers who need extra assistance with daily activities like running errands, grocery shopping, and visiting friends.  


Differentiate your business

You know what makes your company unique, and Uncurb gives you the opportunity to tell riders what sets you apart. From trained drivers to a well-maintained fleet  your Uncurb profile can get you increased positive reviews and referrals.  

Your pricing, not ours 

You get what you pay for. Having operated a fleet ourselves, we know the frustration that comes with mandated ratesUncurb lets you upload your company’s pricing model so that you can focus on your service and grow your business profitably.

Save on calls and last-minute changes 

Reduce your dispatchers’ time on the phone so they can focus on running operations.  You tell us the kind of trips you want, where, and when, and Uncurb will send you trip requests with all the necessary information that fit your criteria. All you do is choose to accept or decline.   

Get paid faster 

Rather than waiting 30, 60 or even 90 days for payments, Uncurb pays you in a timely manner for any trips you attest, and works with you on any customer issues to make sure you get the amount you deserve.  

Only pre-scheduled trips

We understand the complexities of this industry, and the effort that goes in to scheduling and planning your operations.  Uncurb only accepts pre-scheduled trip requests and lets you decide if you want to accept will-call returns.

Apply today!

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