Elaine B Jewelry

Uncurb customers can save up to 10% on in stock jewelry.  See offer details below to claim your discount.  

Company Overview  

Elaine B Jewelry is a showroom and studio in Ferndale, Michigan crafting modern, everyday, and fine jewelry that is minimal, yet detail-driven.  We believe spaces should be inspiring, and communities should be supportive. In our studio, we design for individuals, partner with nonprofits, and work with artists to further these goals. Elaine B Jewelry sources first from local, and then from American companies.

Covid & Safety Policies

Elaine B Jewelry is serious about keeping our customers and staff safe.  Please review our policies below:

  • Our staff wears masks at all times in the shop. 
  • We require our customers to wear masks while in the shop.
  • If you are feeling sick or have been in contact with someone who is sick please don’t come into the shop. 
  • Customers can only use the Woodward entrance. Please sanitize your hands when you enter, you are welcome to try anything on, bring it to a staff member and we will sanitize it after. 
  • We wipe down and sanitize all surfaces multiple times a day.  

Exclusive Offer

We are excited to offer Uncurb customers a 10% discount on all in stock jewelry.  Please find the offer details in the link below.